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Julian Hughes
Invites you to take part in

Join me for a pint – event

Wed 14th Feb – Valentines day
09:00 – 12:30pm
14:00 – 16:30pm

Nottingham Blood Donor Centre
Castle House, 2 Castle Boulevard

Further information / to book a place: / 07789848201

Monday, January 8, 2007

On the 14th February 2007, Nottingham based artist Julian Hughes will invite artists and members of the public to join him to donate a pint of blood.

Julian is seeking Hosts so that the project can be facilitated in cities and towns both nationally and internationally.

The role of the host.

To work closely with your local Blood Donor centre
Marketing and documentation of the event which will be uploaded to a pre designed Blog, which will link to all participating hosts.

If you are interested in becoming a Host in your City please contact Julian at:
or 07814552524

11 people joined Julian Hughes for a pint on Valentines Day 2006, at Nottingham’s Blood Donation Centre.

8 Pints of blood were donated
3 Participants were unable to donate.
1 Person sat and waited for her boyfriend.

Questions and dilemmas.

‘I wasn’t sure if it was an art event’
‘Do you actually give blood?’
‘I’m very squeamish’
‘I don’t think I can in my condition’
‘I have a phobia of needles’
‘I am working that night’
‘Won’t you be spending the evening with your girlfriend?’
‘Oh, I’ve heard about that….’
‘I am very interested in Julian's work, but I am in Glasgow when it happens.’

Thank you to all the staff at Nottinghams Castle Boulavard Donor centre.

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